What is eLearning?

So, what is elearning? e learning is an electronic delivery of education. Now the method of electronic delivery can be robust and diverse. Every technological resource is at the student’s disposal. eLearning is NOT just web conferencing. It is so much more: gamification, competency learning, training videos, including various learning styles, accessibility/508 compliance, learning trackers, bi-lingual education, assessing, blended learning and cultural representation. eLearning modules can vary in length, approach, and method. Educators can customize based on their learner’s needs.

e-learning can be a unique opportunity to provide equity and individual educational practices for all learners. It can help to be a real time learning tracker of learners. If a learner is struggling, supplementation and mediation can be provided simply, and then reassessment can be done. It is also a wonderful avenue to provide various learning methods and techniques to help reach the learner. Liam Crest has partnered with various organizations and school districts to create eLearning modules that support the standards and expertise of valued educators while challenging how we present education.





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