Non-Profits & Government Agencies

Non-Profits & Government Agencies

Program Options Available

  • Create certification and foundational training courses.
  • Customized program or revamp of existing program.
  • Advanced professional development for seasoned and new staff.
  • Continuing education credits.

Implementation Process

Social Service Development

Designing content that aligns with your organization's goals for employees, clientele, and allies in your field. Ensuring that your organization's voice is not lost in the process.

eLearning Development

Converting your training (fully or partially) online ensures more accessibility. It saves money and builds community so questions, concerns, or positive updates can be shared in real time.

Professional Development

Sharing knowledge across expertise levels is important for development. Continual professional development ensures that staff is up-to-date on new policies or changes in the field.

Audio & Visual Production

Enhance your training by having a full production crew at your finger tips. Conduct interviews with your staff or industry experts in the field. Production can include a full set with actors and creative scenario based scripts.