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Liam Crest is an eLearning company that specializes in online training and professional development. We make learning engaging, accessible, technically proficient, and academically sound for learners around the world. We help organizations with program development, learning management systems, curriculum design, training and more. Our products are easily accessible on various platforms and translated to multiple languages. We create content that addresses your organizations’ needs without losing your vision. Products can include manuals, videos, train the trainer guides, workbooks, assessments, and eLearning and mLearning courses, and platform options.


Liam Crest has been in the market for 4 years. However, we have been working in eLearning and program development for over 15 years. We primarily work with nonprofits helping them reach a unique client base while providing training that is accessible and engaging for all learners.

Liam Crest is a one stop shop for all of your curriculum and training needs. Our team was meticulously chosen to provide access to commonly needed skills in training and program development. Clients don’t have to choose multiple firms to help create the various aspects of their project. They can rest assured that their entire project is being managed with care. We have a strict quality control protocol and will ensure that your project’s goal stays consistent. To date, we have created over 10,000 hours of content for our clients in various platforms, languages, and subject matters. Our programs have reached over 7,000 learners world-wide.

Liam Crest was founded by a husband and wife duo who have grew up facing a world of isms. They have fought to ensure that those isms don’t hinder learners across all demographics. Making education attainable for all has been their goal since entering the industry. Their business has been predicated on the simple fact that without taking someone’s culture , background, and experience taken into consideration you are not going to reach them. Programs they develop intentionally take in consideration the whole learner.

Liam Crest is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. The majority of our team works remotely to help ensure that everyone maintains a healthy work-life balance across the organization. This factor has little to no effect on productivity but helps to ensure that our team is happy and balanced while working. This also allows us to reduce overhead and pass savings on to our clientele.