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Fred Williams


Learning is like breathing and life presents endless situations to learn. This occurs autonomously and intentionally. That’s endless situations to improve oneself. Since learning isn’t confined to just the classroom we must challenge our perspectives in everyday life and avoid being the product of groupthink.

Chief Operating Officer & Co Founder of Liam Crest


Fred has been in the business and education sector 10+ years. In business, he operated as a senior accountant managing extensive teams from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. As an educator, he has worked with a 1000+ students from various demographics (K-20, ESL, SPED, international). He has the ability to ensure that your project has all the necessary resources, internal support, and quality control systems in place to ensure that your projects remain within budget. As an international speaker who specializes in Challenging Perspectives; he has given corporate and educational talks to inspire and motivate individuals. This helps them analyze their overarching purpose to ensure their success.

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When it’s time to discuss…


  • Fun, engaging storyteller who uses research to provoke thought
  • A wizard at taking serious, controversial issues and making them humorous and entertaining
  • Parenting
  • Lifestyle and Health
  • Relationships


  • Legacy Planning
  • Financial Literacy (Adults & Children)
  • Challenging Perspectives (Helping corporations understand how to look a full picture and how it impact the bottom line)


  • Reaching underprivileged and urban youth
  • College Planning
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Cultural and Impact