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Elearning Courses

Elearning Courses

During this pandemic, people everywhere are turning to eLearning courses to supplement in-person education options. Many universities have moved several courses online, and some K-12 schools are giving families the option to have their kids learn online for the upcoming semester. However, it is not just schools that are looking into remote options. Many businesses are seeking out online courses for their employees. This has left some wondering, “what is elearning,” because not everyone has experience with it. Elearning is just a way to take courses completely online from your home computer. Businesses are looking at places like Liam Crest to offer training and more.

What Is Liam Crest?

Liam Crest is an online market place that aims to help organizations and businesses by offering elearning courses. Typically, they work with nonprofits to provide training and elearning certificate programs. They have unbeaten service and some of the best professionals working for them to make sure the elearning needs of your organization are met. They help with everything from program development to curriculum design and training. Their products aim to be easily accessible, even for those with no elearning experience, while also providing top of the line service. Liam Crest can be utilized by anyone, not just those with elearning college experience.

What Can I Find With Liam Crest?

While Liam Crest offers training, they can also help you with development, such as providing you with workbooks and lesson plans. They have everything you need to utilize the greatest elearning courses and resources. They work to address the needs of everyone and keep cultural and systematic issues in mind. Translation services are also available to make sure there are no barriers when trying to learn. Even someone with no online learning experience will find Liam Crest user friendly. The services can be utilized by new employees as well as seasoned staff members.

Games and Activities

Liam Crest strives to give your organization new and exciting ways to engage online learners. One way they do this is by having games and other fun activities to make learning more enjoyable. Some of these games use formats such as Jeopardy, Family Feud, Matching, and Card Games. These can make learning fun and make an easy step into elearning for those who have never done online classes before. Some of the activities include, True or False, Fill In The Blank, Short Answers, and Discussion Boards.

Role Plays and Assessments

Role Plays are courses that can drop learners right into a scenario they may encounter and lets them work through it. The course provides a rubric as well as a guide for the teacher. The assessments are there to help learners as well as teachers see what has been taken from the course. These are the perfect way to find out if staff members learned what you wanted them to.

Contacting Liam Crest

The best way to find out of these services are right for you and your organization is to Contact Liam Crest at 312 801 0900



Elearning Courses