Casting Call

Casting Opportunity
Chicagoland Area

Education Video Series by Liam Crest, Corp. in conjunction with the North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault. We are looking for a diverse group of actors to be a part of this video series.

Film Dates: Fri, June 22 & Sat. June 23 

Purpose: Education Video Series (raising awareness about sexual assault)

Location: Chicagoland Area (Oak Lawn, IL.)

Pay: Half Day ($75 plus lunch) Full Day ($125 plus lunch)

(Expect to fill out a 1099 and payment will be mailed within 15-30 days

How to Participate: Please send your Contact Info, a Headshot, and Acting Reel (MUST HAVE ONE) to


Video One:
(1) CISgender Women of Color(Asian/Latina/Black/Indian) –Between the ages of 25-65
Video Two:
(3) CISgender Woman of Color (Asian/Latina/Black/Indian)- Between the ages of 25-65
(1) CISgender White Woman- Between the ages of 30-65
(3) CISgender White Man- Between the ages of 30-65
Video Three:
(1) CISgender White Boy –Between the ages of 13-21
(3) CISgender Woman of Color (Asian/Latina/Black/Indian) -Between the ages of 13-21
(10) CISgender Boy and girls (ALL ETHNICITIES) – Between the ages of 13-21

How to Participate:
Casting Call
Monday June 18th Downtown Chicago
11:30AM till 2:30PM

Contact Us Via or
Send your Contact Info, Headshot, and Acting Reel to
We are asking that EVERYONE RSVP. You will be given a time slot to attend and sent the exact location.