Are Webinars a form of eLearning?

The trend for many organizations has been to present or give access to webinars via their websites. This is an awesome tool that allows people who can’t be in the same place to still receive information that they might have missed.

Common Types of Webinars

The presenter is able to share a PPT or a video tape of a meeting with their content. During this type of webinar, you might hear the presenter and sometimes even the attendees in the background. Webinars are usually saved on an organization’s website.

Webinar programs allow you to conduct and invite people to live meetings. People are allowed to share files and collaborate throughout the presentation. These meetings are saved in a database within their sever.


Do Webinars Constitute as eLearning?

Webinars are a great introduction into the world of eLearning but, it is more of a tool in the eLearning box. So many things have changed and the options available for eLearning are vast and plentifully. At Liam Crest, we are even starting to integrate Virtual Reality into eLearning course options.

What are features of eLearning?





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