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Curriculum Design

Designing an intentional and pedagogical course of instruction that keeps the learner in mind while fostering high achievement.

eLearning Development

Customized eLearning solutions that captivate and engage learners while providing a comprehensive learning experience.

Professional Development

Sharing knowledge across expertise levels is important for development. Continual professional development ensures that staff is up-to-date on new policies or changes in the field.

Social Services Development

Designing content that aligns with your organization's goals for employees, clientele, and allies in your field. Ensuring that your organization's voice is not lost in the process. We are here to assist.

LMS Development

Customizing a user-friendly system to house your content and track learner achievement.

Audio & Visual Production

Creating dynamic audio and visual content series to align and enhance your training program.

What Clients Say...

They were a pleasure to work with..the entire time we worked with them we felt like they listened and worked to understand our vision...we were presented with multiple options during the creation phases...they developed a training program that was accessible to people who were blind, deaf, and hard of hearing.
Kerri True-Funk
Iowa CASA-Associate Director
Liam Crest enabled us to set the bar high and place our school as one of the top destinations in the region for high school students seeking a rigorous, challenging and rewarding environment, through enhancing our high school curriculum, designing college prep workshops, and creating guidelines for accountability, evaluation, and standardization.
Ismael Gutiérrez
CALP International-SUB Administrativo Director