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Equity in elearning

Equity asks that we give students what they need to be successful versus giving every student the exact same thing.

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What is a Learning Management System?

The simplest way to define a Learning Management System is to think of it in connection to eLearning. eLearning courses are created

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What is eLearning?

eLearning is an electronic delivery of education. Now the method of electronic delivery can be robust and diverse.

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Florida Council Against Sexual Assault-
Program Service and Certification Manager

I enthusiastically recommend Liam Crest to anyone looking to engage learners through online institution (eLearning courses)…Liam Crest is committed to social justice and supports organization working to end interpersonal violence. Ashley and Fred recognize the importance of focusing on underserved populations and including diversity in all aspects of project development. Liam Crest has a wide range of expertise in video production, technical application, and print material design.

CALP International-Sub Administrativo

Liam Crest enabled us to set the bar high and place our school as one of the top destinations in the region for high school students seeking a rigorous, challenging and rewarding environment, through enhancing our high school curriculum, designing college prep workshops, and creating guidelines for accountability, evaluation, and standardization.

Year Up-Senior Program Designer

What we have particularly appreciated about working with Liam Crest was their willingness to set realistic expectations and raise difficult questions. This thinking, as well as Liam Crest’s impeccable responsiveness and timeliness allowed us to come out with training and guidance that was right-fitted for the stage the organization is at. We appreciated how thoughtfully Liam Crest approached the structure and scaffolding of eLearning development, while pushing the organization to address instructional capacity.